Wines made under the Clare Wine Co brand are sourced from two vineyards – one based at Polish Hill and the other Watervale.

Polish Hill

Polish Hill vineyard Is a 30 acres (12 ha) block with 10 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and 20 acres of Shiraz that was planted in 1999.

The soil varies but is mainly a sandy loam over stony medium clay followed by weathered bluestone. There are seams of slate through the property and the Pyrites. The aspect could be described as a sloping North Westerly one at an altitude of 480m. The average annual rainfall is 660mm and the region is generally 1-2 degrees cooler than our other sites. It is the last of our sites picked

Watervale- Seefa 1 Vineyard

Watervale vineyard consists of 29 acres broken up into several varieties;

  • Semillon 4.6acres planted 1970
  • Riesling 10acres planted 1975
  • Shiraz 5.6acres planted 1998
  • Cabernet sauvignon 5.8acres planted 1998
  • Malbec 3acres  planted 2011


The block is a gently sloping one with a NW aspect the soil at the top of the block is terra rossa moving into a more red clay loam over limey rock. The limestone soils have a great ability to hold moisture; the winter rain is absorbed into the rock and is slowly released through the summer as it is needed.

The block has an altitude of 355 metres and an average annual rainfall of 650 mm.

Watervale- Seefa 2

This block is 29acres broken up into several varieties;

  • Shiraz 12.5acre planted 1999
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 8acre planted 1999
  • Chardonnay 3acre planted 1999
  • Riesling 3acre planted 2011
  • Touriga national 3acres planted 2012

This block has a NE aspect and has an elevation of 380 metres. The soil is mostly a deep grading red clay loam with limestone in patches. The average annual rainfall is 650 mm.