Clare Wine Co Pyrite Shiraz 2010


Polish Hill River is the crown of the Clare, literally. It sits as a valley within a valley at the highest point of the Clare region. Its geology is a glimpse at the earth, from billions of years ago, its soils the remnants of a worn mountain range that in its youth towered over the Himalayas. Today the stump of that prehistoric formation provides exotic terroirs, with mineral rich soils and low fertility. All gold for grape growing winemaking. This particular vineyard is abundant in a unique phenomenon known as Pyrite. The vineyard is littered with them. They are tiny 10 millimetre cubes that exist inside strata of jet black slate that is the foundation for the vineyard. The slate over millions of years has been contorted 90 degrees to the vertical and has been fractured by millennia of generations gum trees offering perfect drainage conditions. As water has passed through and split the slate, some of the Pyrite has been slowly dissolved away to leave perfect hollow square holes. Some of the ancient Pyrite have survived. The site with its vast stands of grandfatherly gum trees, is as naturally beautiful as it is geologically special. We believe we have captured the essence of it in this, the first release of “Pyrite Shiraz”.


Saturated veinous iron laden blood.


Black Forest cake, flambe’ cherry and black berry’s, chocolate. Spice and kirsch liqueur.


Round and giving. Soft fruity and fluid on the entry, it rolls on its side to reveal a relatively savoury finish


An interesting look at a region renowned for Riesling

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